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Sheldon Poplin Morley

You might recognize Sheldon as Santa in the Christmas Parade for the last several years. However, he’s more than a jolly old elf, Sheldon Morley is a family man, a dedicated public servant, and a seasoned community leader seeking your vote for Mayor of Mount Gilead. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing the prosperity and quality of life for everyone, he aspires to guide our town towards sustainable, sensible growth, better opportunities for residents, and community-centric policies.

Sheldon Morley has made Mount Gilead his home and cherishes its rich history and vibrant future. As a devoted husband and father; he raises his beautiful elementary-aged daughter alongside his wonderful wife, Mary, here in town. Sheldon and his family often participate in local events like the Fall Festival, town parades like the Christmas Parade, third Thursdays, and the Park Program. He’s also a dog dad to two charming canines. Sheldon is part of the Haywood-Poplin branch on an extensive local family tree, and he’s so happy to have such deep roots to lean on in town. Sheldon’s commitment to his family extends to every family in Mount Gilead; he is not just seeking to create a safer and more prosperous community for his family, but for all families that call Mount Gilead home.​


Professionally, Sheldon currently serves as an Administrator, where he works remotely, coordinating and communicating with various departmental teams in the Education field. His tenure at his current job has exposed him to diverse roles, and he has consistently collaborated with departments such as IT, Management, Deans, Faculty Groups, Facilities, Campus Police, and Athletics. This has provided him with a unique lens into the importance of integrated efforts to ensure smooth and efficient operations. His skills in written and spoken communication make him an exceptional liaison, comfortable with interacting online, over the phone, and face-to-face. Budgeting is another area of excellence of Sheldon's. His financial acumen and budgetary experience in this current role will help ensure responsible decisions for the efficient use of the town's resources, promoting financial sustainability.​


Beyond his current role, Sheldon has a wealth of experience in the real estate sector. This experience will be invaluable in strategically guiding Mount Gilead's growth and development while prioritizing sustainability and community upliftment. In addition to all these, Sheldon brings to the table a strong background in event management. He has played a significant role in organizing in-person and virtual events, fostering community spirit and togetherness.


His passion for the arts is reflected in his personal endeavors as a musician and performer. These experiences not only bolster his public speaking skills but also highlight his understanding of the significance of culture and arts in community building.​Sheldon Morley is deeply invested in Mount Gilead and is passionate about shaping its future. His diverse professional experience, long-standing track record in community service, and personal commitment to Mount Gilead equip him with the necessary skills to serve as your Mayor effectively. ​


Vote for Sheldon Morley: a leader who knows our community, understands our challenges, and believes in our potential. 


Nov 2012 - Present · 10+ yrs

Jan 2007 - Jul 2011 · 4+ yrs 

Jan 2006 - Jan 2007 · 1 yr +

In my role as an Events Department Admin II, I've cultivated an array of skills that make me uniquely qualified for the Mayor of Mount Gilead. I've adeptly managed interpersonal relationships, performing a blend of roles—salesperson, technical specialist, and administrative technician—solving issues and determining the best-suited facilities for incoming renters. Additionally, I've liaised closely with various student groups and faculty at the college to efficiently manage and allocate event space, bolstering my experience in community engagement and resource management. My exceptional written and oral communication skills have facilitated effective connections with community members in a multitude of settings, fostering unity among diverse departments such as IT, Management, Deans, faculty groups, Facilities, Campus Police, and Athletics for a shared objective. Moreover, my experience in crafting marketing content for our Performing Arts Center's booking website showcases my ability to drive community engagement. These combined skills of communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and marketing are assets I aim to bring to the mayoral role for the betterment of Mount Gilead.

With extensive experience in shipping and receiving, network administration via Active Directory, Microsoft Office tech support, and phone communications, I've developed a comprehensive understanding of operational dynamics. This skill set extends to coordination of desk-side service calls for hardware issues, illustrating my ability to handle multifaceted tasks efficiently. Additionally, I've managed approval routing for multiple in-house finance applications, showcasing my adeptness in financial management and coordination. I've also been responsible for tracking, routing, and resolving trouble tickets within Altiris, Peregrine, and Remedy ticketing systems, underlining my problem-solving skills and proficiency in utilizing specialized software. These abilities, along with my dedication to efficient problem resolution and effective communication, are assets I aim to leverage as Mayor to benefit Mount Gilead.

My career experience spans various administrative tasks that underscore my qualifications for the role of Mayor of Mount Gilead. Engaging in extensive administrative work, including substantial data entry, meticulous filing, and phone communications, I've honed my organizational and multitasking skills. A key aspect of my role involved interfacing directly with clients and managing paperwork associated with commercial real estate, property management and leasing, which attests to my expertise in key sectors integral to local development. Additionally, my responsibilities extended to the high-quality construction management and engineering sectors, along with corporate services and investment sales. This background has not only sharpened my client relations and management skills, but it has also instilled in me a comprehensive understanding of various industries crucial to our town's growth and prosperity. As Mayor, I aim to leverage these skills and experiences to facilitate the progress and enrichment of Mount Gilead.

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