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 Urgent Community Update: PaperWorks Closure

This morning, we were hit with challenging news: PaperWorks is closing its Mount Gilead facility, located at 5465 NC-73, affecting 74 employees and their families, and impacting local revenue across the board. This is a tough blow for our community, but rest assured, we're taking immediate action. My team and I have been on the phone all morning and into this afternoon, mobilizing. We know how many folks live paycheck to paycheck. We know how important this is to you.

This news has already been reported in Business North Carolina as of today.

Paperworks has also publicly filed in compliance with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act with the NC Department of Commerce as of January 4th and indicates that the closing will be no earlier than March 31, 2024. The WARN act is intended to protect workers, their families, and their communities by requiring employers to provide 60 days advance notice of larger plant closings and mass layoffs. WARN Report:

 Team Effort in Motion:

- We've already connected with key HR representatives from local companies, our Town Manager Dylan Haman, my right hand man Mayor Pro-Tiem Tim McAuley, and Montgomery County Economic Development Director Savannah Heath to strategize.

- Savannah is liaising with the Mid Carolina Council of Government for assistance.

 Remote Work & Career Support:

- My wife and I, with our remote work expertise, are planning a career fair and workshops on resume building and remote job opportunities. Venues like Highland Community Center or Montgomery Community College are being considered for these events. We are working with Savannah for the career fair and other local HR professionals for the workshops.

- NCWorks ( ) is a valuable tool for unemployment aid and job searches.

- Discussions are underway with Brightspeed and Spectrum to increase high speed access and bolster remote work capabilities in our area.

 Local Employment Opportunities:

- Local employers like Jordan Lumber, Mohawk Industries, McRae Industries, Saputo in Troy and Biscoe, Precision Textiles, and Troy Lumber are a good place to start looking. We have already reached out to some local business owners and will continue to.

- Montgomery Community College's Workforce Development Center is another great resource:

 Business Incubator:

- We're fast-tracking the local business incubator initiative from my campaign platform. If you're interested in collaborating, let's connect!

 Commuting Options:

- While we want to keep as many jobs in the county as possible, the $64.8 million contract to widen N.C. 24/27 has made commuting options to Charlotte more reasonable, opening up more opportunities.

- The Toyota Battery Plant is also slated to open up in Greensboro NC next year, and that’s only an hour away.

It's natural to feel grief and loss during sudden and difficult news like this, but don't lose hope. We're here for you, working tirelessly with town and county leadership to mitigate this impact. Together, we'll navigate these challenging times.

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