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We did it! Now the work begins.

Friends and Neighbors of Mount Gilead,

We did it! Together, we won!

So many people have helped me get here tonight, some with us, and some who are not with us. I’d like you to think about who helped you get to where you are and thank them. I am going to do the same. Thank you. I hope whoever you are grateful for knows that they have made a profound difference in your life, and I hope you know you have made a profound difference in someone’s life yourself. We all make ripples that affect one another.

Ok, let’s lighten this up!

Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart. I am humbled by the trust you’ve placed in me to serve as the Mayor of Mount Gilead. I am deeply honored and profoundly grateful for this opportunity to lead our beloved town.

Firstly, I must express my gratitude to my fellow candidates for putting themselves out there with me. While only one of us can hold the title of Mayor, Mount Gilead is better for having choices in our leadership. Our government works best when people can engage and make themselves heard, and when people feel like they can affect change. So thank you for running. It's not easy.

To my campaign team; the tireless warriors who stood by me, the volunteers who poured their energy into this vision, the friends and family who believed in me even on the hardest days… your support has been everything to me. I am eternally thankful for every flyer handed out, every door opened, and every word of encouragement.

I must extend a special thank you to my family. Your unwavering support and sacrifices have allowed me to pursue this dream. You are my foundation, and I am here because of you. You are the reason I am called to serve. From my wife, who has run this campaign with me like a train conductor, to the Poplin’s who seem to have adopted me, you have all been so helpful.

I'd like to extend considerable gratitude to the town Commissioners as well, and to congratulate Mary Lucas and Paula Covington, who retain their seats as incumbents. As we turn the page from campaign to governance, I am eager to roll up my sleeves alongside each of you, to dive deep into the policies that will steer our town toward prosperity. I know we won’t agree on everything, but I am committed to working collaboratively for the betterment of all.

To the residents of Mount Gilead, your voices have been heard, and I say that with the full understanding of how close this race was. A majority of voters have placed their faith in me to steer our community towards a brighter, more inclusive, and hopefully prosperous future. This victory is not about me; it’s about all of us. It’s about our shared love for our town and our collective aspiration to improve it. It won’t happen overnight, but if you continue to engage in this process of being active in the community with me, and we put in the work and time, I believe we can achieve great things together.

I have said it before, and I mean it, I have to represent everyone equally. Not just the people who voted for me.

I step into this role with a clear understanding of its responsibilities. I promise to lead with integrity, to serve with compassion, and to face the challenges ahead with unwavering resolve. I will strive to be a Mayor for all; to create a town that offers opportunity, cherishes diversity, and fosters a spirit of community that is the hallmark of Mount Gilead.

As we look forward, let us remember that the work does not end here. Tomorrow, we begin a new chapter together. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work, to turn our plans into action, and to deliver on the promises made. But I will always need your support, your ideas, and your voices as active participants in our democracy.

In closing, let me say this: the trust you’ve placed in me is the highest honor I could hope for, and I am committed to honoring that trust with every action I take as your Mayor.

Thank you, Mount Gilead. Here’s to the journey ahead. May we rise to meet it with strength, unity, and hope.

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